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057Mirus has been a blessing for my son and my family. He was behind in his credits but has managed to catch up and he is now going to graduate this year on time. The teachers are easy to reach and they keep you involved and informed. I could not be happier with the choice I made to bring my son into the school.

We are very gratified with the educational support given by our student’s teacher in making up a lot of units through Mirus Secondary School.

Mirus has been very helpful in helping my son advance with his studies. After such a terrible experience with his previous school, they have been a breath of fresh air and have returned my son’s confidence.

2010 Graduation Pix (1809 of 2021)This school is great. The teachers can be tough, but they are happy to help at anytime. The Resource Center helpers are awesome. I stayed at this school because I learn more.

ALTUSGrad2012bellomo (123 of 336)I am very pleased with the school overall. The teachers are obviously more attentive and have completely changed my child’s frame of mind about school. There is a huge improvement and I credit the school and the teachers.

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