Founder’s Message

Mary BixbyWelcome!

We hope you find that this convenient tool assists you in finding the information you are seeking. Please take the time to explore the site and learn all about Mirus Secondary School. This educational option serves students in grades 7-12. Mirus is an academic intervention centered on student motivation. It is our goal to place each student on a pathway to success.

Mirus Secondary School is part of Altus Schools. Altus Schools focus on academic improvement, high-caliber teaching, safe and supportive learning environments, and role model development for educational reform. At Mirus, every student’s progress and academic achievement are important to us. We ask that students and parents commit to working closely with our teachers. Our teachers are committed to providing a personalized and rigorous academic experience for each student.

Mirus is proud to offer safe and supportive environments that are conducive to learning. Teachers are trained to work on specific student needs. Our school’s standards and expectations are high. We provide the best available materials and a school culture that is positive, supportive, and committed to putting kids first. Our “university model” is an excellent preparation for future study.

We look forward to working with new students. We invite you to contact us through this website or call us directly at 760- 947-7100. Parent interest and involvement are welcomed.

Great things are happening at Mirus Secondary. We would love to have you be a part of our learning community.

Best wishes,
Mary Searcy Bixby,
Founder and Superintendent School Services

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