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If you are not a currently enrolled student, read below to find out more information about Naviance and our Pathways program.

The PATHWAYS Vision and the Naviance Family Connection

Life takes us down many different paths. At Mirus, our Pathways program ensures that you have a clear goal in mind for your post-graduation plans. Our Naviance Family Connection web-based program uses a combination of interest and personality type surveys that identify your strengths and help you explore career options that may work best for you. Our unique program allows you to research your options, including four year universities, community colleges, work place readiness, and military prospects. Our experienced counselors and teachers will guide you each step of the way. Pathways puts meaning into your school work by providing you a clear, personalized vision for the future. It’s your life—which path will you choose?

Our PATHWAYS/Naviance Family Connection program uses a variety of interest and personality type surveys and research tolls to help you develop your chosen path:

  • Game Plan: Create targeted goals for after high school.
  • Personality Type: Learn about your personality strengths and gain insight into your educational and career needs.
  • Learning Style: Find out what environment and methods make learning optimal for you.
  • Explore Interests: Complete a Career Interest Profiler and explore what careers appeal to you.
  • Cluster Finder: Report activities that you enjoy, personal qualities that you have, and school subjects that you enjoy to find a cluster of careers that would be a good match for you.
  • Roadtrip Nation: Browse through interviews of famous individuals who followed their interests and made their dreams into reality.
  • College Research: Look up schools that you are interested in applying to, and compare requirements and student life. You can even view maps of where students have historically been accepted from our school.
  • SuperMatch: Match yourself to colleges who accept students just like you.
  • Scholarships: Search through our database of local and national scholarships.
  • Pathways pages: Each pathway expert creates and maintains his or her page with specific information about 4 year college, 2 year college, career readiness, and the military.

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